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    Tuning checked by professional flute players

  • What is the difference between flutes available on myGurukul vs elsewhere?

    Flute is not just about creating 6 holes in a bamboo, there is a science to it. Each swara needs to be perfect and should match certain frequency levels. Most flutes available in flute shops or online are not professional. If you get a hissing sound or you have to blow too hard to get the swaras then you are playing a wrong instrument. At myGurukul, flutes are made by expert flute players with 10+ years in flute making and further checked by flute players who have 20+ years in flute playing. One can be assured of quality of flute as only the finest bamboo flute reach the learner.

  • When is the right time to buy a professional flute?

    The real joy of playing bansuri comes when you have a real flute with you. One does not need to wait for professional level to buy a professional bansuri. If you start with a regular flute how will you identify if the issue is in flute or your playing skills? Start with professional flute.

  • Which flutes are available?

    Through website we sell only A and E, while rest can be ordered separately through Regards,

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